About The Word Department

About The Word Department.

Freelance copywriter, content writer, word monkey - there are many names for what I do. The short version is 'I'm a content writer and copywriter, with bags of experience'. The longer version is 'I help brands with everything they put into words, from copywriting for packaging to writing web content.'

I didn't write a medium version.

Who I am.

My name is Doug Nolan, a copywriter with over 20 years’ experience. I set up The Word Department to help organisations use language that's more natural, because it's more effective than dry, corporate twaddle. Whatever you need to write, there's no need for it to be mind-numbing.

Who I work with.

I write content and brand copy for everyone from small ambitious startups to well-known brands I'm too modest to mention (okay, I signed non-disclosure agreements), government departments and even the NHS.

I also work with design and digital agencies. So if you need a full campaign, I can recommend some good companies. Or if you're an agency and you need a good content writing service, give me a call.

Why you should hire me.

Hiring a copywriter is a bit like hiring a photographer – you need a specialist, not a big company, to get the best results. With me, the person who does your work (a writer) is the person you'll speak to (a writer). There are no account handlers or mystery managers here - the only other people I bring in are specialist brand and digital writers for bigger jobs.

So you won't end up with four candles when you wanted fork handles (apologies to master wordsmith Ronnie Barker).

Where I work.

I live in Edinburgh and I write remotely for many of my clients - saving them time, money and CO2. However, I also work on-site and meet face-to-face with clients in London, Manchester, and the rest of the UK. 

So if you need web content and copywriting that helps your brand sound more human, just whistle*.


* Whistling has proved impractical.
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