Brand writing questions

Your copywriting questions answered.

People ask me a lot of questions about writing for brands, writing for websites and copywriting in general. So I thought I'd start writing the answers down somewhere. Otherwise my brain may eventually lose this information to lesser stuff, like the lyrics to 'Barbie Girl'*.

What is 'tone of voice' in copywriting?

How can a brand convey personality with writing?

Why is writing with honesty important?

Can you make our brand's copy simpler?

What is SEO copywriting?

What is a content strategy and why do we need it?

Should my brand's copy sound different on social media?

Got a copywriting question?

Unsure whether to use an Oxford comma? Baffled by SEO? Confused by content? Whatever your query, ask me and I might write the answer here. Keep it to questions about writing though - don't ask me weird stuff about kumquats or mittens.

What's your name?
What's your name?


* 'Life in plastic, it's fantastic'. Apparently.