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Brand copywriter.

I've been writing copy for decades, and I have the lines to prove it. (See what I did there?) So I'm used to writing for stuff that people don't see on a screen, as well as all the fancy content they enjoy on their devices.

Before the writing, I ask lots of questions.

First, I ask about your business, what you do, your audience and your competitors, so I can establish the right tone of voice before writing your brand's copy. It doesn't matter if I'm unfamiliar with your industry either - you're the expert there. That's what all the questions are for.

Brand new copy - or make your existing writing better.

I write everything from internal communications to web content, marketing materials and packaging copy. Although it's not always about starting from scratch. So if your website isn't attracting visitors, your packaging is staying on the shelf or your scripts are about as interesting as a wet day in Burnley, give me a call.

I can make your brand's writing consistent.

Your brand's voice needs to be consistent to be effective - across everything you write. I've been asked to write for company employer value statements, labels, invoices, business cards and even signs on doors, floors or ceilings. If it's got words on it, I can help.

I write online content too.

Writing web content is different to writing for print or broadcast. People read differently on a screen, and they search for specific pieces of information rather than reading in a linear way. So written content for your blog, website or social media feeds has to take account of these differences, while still sounding true to your brand's tone of voice. 

Copywriting case studies.