Writing is what I do

Content writing and copywriting services.

I make brand writing more effective - from website content to names for companies, products or services. I can even develop your brand's tone of voice from scratch, then train you and your colleagues to write with it.

I draw the line at alchemy though. That 'base metals into gold' stuff blows my mind.

I can make your web content work harder.

I write all kinds of things to be seen online - from clear, motivating web copy to video scripts, animations, blog posts and emails. Most of all, I make sure your content is interesting and sounds human.

I can find your voice.

Copywriting is a writing with an idea behind it. So it works hardest for your brand when it's got some smart thinking to back it up - otherwise it's just a string of lost words with no purpose. Custard musket kipper aviary.

I can improve your brand's copy.

Everything you write is important, so I can write offline copy for your brand too. That could be anything from internal communications to writing for external campaigns, annual reports, posters, scripts or a coat to be worn by a cow, should you (and the cow) be so inclined.

I can teach you how to write.

I'll be honest here - I can't turn you into a copywriter. Nor would I want to, as I have mouths to feed. However, I can give you and the people you work with the confidence to write using your brand’s tone of voice.

I can give you a name.

Coming up with a good name for a brand, product, service or company isn't easy - there's far more to it than just whacking 'solutions' onto the end of what you do. (Please don't do that. Never do that. I'll find you.)