Web content that feels human

I write web content (but I really write for people).

Many businesses write what they want to say online. Thing is, if you give your visitors what they want or need, they'll keep coming back. So whether it's a blog post, video, white paper or copy for your website, I can write content your audience will like.

Increase your audience with a blog.

A blog is your chance to communicate new information, let people know what you’ve been up to, solve a problem...blogs are excellent marketing and communication tools.

Show expertise with white papers and articles.

By writing a report that gives your audience the answer to a problem, I can help you become their go-to authority on that subject. White papers are a great way of getting people to give you their contact details, too.

Use video content.

I have a background in advertising, so I'm used to writing scripts for TV and the same skills translate to online video. Video has so many potential uses - such as animation, presentations, ads and reviews - and cost isn’t prohibitive any more, so it’s available to any business. With a solid idea and good writing, video can take your message to a huge audience – especially if it goes viral.

Improve your website copy.

Copywriting for websites is often neglected when it comes to tone of voice - probably because people are concerned with SEO and the mechanics of online copywriting. While all that is important, your site should still sound human - SkyNet hasn't become self-aware just yet (name the movie and I'll send you a Word Department pencil).

Please the search engines.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about your human audience. But I also keep an eye on things like optimising your site's content for the right keywords, anchor text, links (or broken links) and even your competitors, to keep your site healthy.

Do it right - hire a content writer.

Investing in your web content is one of the most important marketing investments you can make. So don't leave it to chance and let Mildred* from accounts write it all, hire a good content writer from the start.

* No offence, Mildreds of the world.

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