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Brand writing consultancy.

If you covered the logos, would your copy sound different to your nearest competitors' voices? Just consider how different Asda, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer all sound.

Some brands need their language to be simplified. Others need to convey a stronger sense of who they are through their language or their name. Either way, writing is always better when it's based on some solid thinking. Or you could sound like a numpty.

Brains before words.

Before writing anything, I ask lots of questions about your organisation, your brand and your audience. I look at what your language needs to do for you, ask about the problems you're facing, and look for the important, human qualities that often go overlooked. Then I use all that to write with natural voice that works for your brand. 

I don't mess about, me.

Brand naming services.

Need a name for a brand, company, product or service? Well, just like plumbing, car repair or major surgery, it's always less messy to call in a professional. Or you could end up like that toilet paper called 'Krapp'.

Sometimes writing just needs a good edit.

It's easy to slip into industry lingo and business jargon when you're writing about what you do. But your audience needs to get the information they need quickly and easily. I'm very good at knowing what to take out and what to leave behind - if there's even one naughty syllable in there, I'll find it.

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